Healthy Recovery Drinks that Work

The beating your body takes during a tough endurance stint doesn't have to come with consequences such as extreme fatigue, soreness, inflammation, swelling or lowered immunity. Help your body recover faster, prevent and stop cramping, reduce soreness and repair and build muscle after running, cycling, swimming or working out at the gym with our selection of proven post-workout recovery drinks.

Our after-workout recovery drinks include EL Recovery and ElectroSalt. We spent years researching and perfecting the combination of powerful ingredients that make up their trusted formulas. From powerful antioxidants like L-glutamine and BCAAs for recovery to anti-inflammatory agents to reduce pain and swelling, we’ve left nothing to chance.

You can get generic recovery drinks for after your workout anywhere. If you want proven science nutrition in a post-workout recovery drink, come to us.

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Electrosalt Electrosalt
Our Price: $23.99