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ElectroSaltâ„¢ aka Cramp Killer from Energylab's Essential Series is a Synergistic Blueprint of the most key electrolytes with one thing in mind, cramp prevention through proper replenishment and assimilation of key electrolytes that your body needs from the rapid depletion of Sweat! Our nine bio-available electrolyte platform is designed to support hydration, increase performance and support optimal muscle function, and lighting fast recovery. Energylab doesn't take cramps lightly and our team knows the importance of keeping electrolytes in balance, muscles hydrated and more.

ElectroSalt is your one-way ticket to getting on the Podium! Energylab takes electrolytes seriously, no fillers, no carbs, no sugars, and no long absorbing capsules. Your body demands the best and at the most key times, which means rapid absorption tablets with all natural ingredients and the most bio-available electrolytes on the market today.

Introducing ElectroSaltâ„¢

It's to hot, I sweat a ton, I cramped up, I didn't win, I didn't finish!

ElectroSalt is your ankle knife when you are down in the fight. Your body has
reached the limit and can't move on. Stop the guessing on your last lap of the race or
in the 4th quarter and get your body back in check with the most advanced
electrolyte replacement tablet on the market. If you want a basic cheap electrolyte,
go somewhere else, however if you want an electrolyte tablet that has been
specifically engineered for the most intense cramp inducing conditions, but keeps
your body dialed in for the game head, ElectroSalt is your answer!

It's called ElectroSalt, and its part of the Energylab Essential Series
line up. You ask why? ElectroSalt is the ESSENTIAL when it comes
to rapid electrolyte replenishment in the heat of battle.

Don't take our word for it, heck were only endurance junkies that love to crush the competition. Check out our concoction and see why athletes are making the switch!

So why is ElectroSalt the real deal? Lets take a look.

  • First - ElectroSalt is loaded with nine key electrolytes, designed and perfectly calibrated for athletes pushing themselves to the limits needing to maintain energy, hydration, and proper muscle function under conditions of heat stress, fluid loss, and exertion. Our team of experts carefully formulated ElectroSalt based on the most current scientific research concerning electrolytes and what is absolutely the most effective way for each of the nine to interact with one another.
  • Second - Every tablet of ElectroSalt is precisely dosed with 500mg of Sodium Chloride, the perfect solution for the warrior that is dehydrated and is starting to cramp from over-exertion. ElectroSalt is loaded with the key electrolytes and quantities you need. Quality is key, and we cut no corners. That's why we only use the highest quality of minerals and trace elements your body requires and the most potent! Gluten Free Product!
  • Third - The most rapid fast absorbing electrolyte tablet on the market. You don't have time to wait for a gel cap to finally dissolve. When your body starts to cramp, its to late. ElectroSalt's fast acting gel coated tablet assimilates when your body needs it NOW. Getting you back in the action immediately.
  • And Finally - Versatile dosing options, allowing the athlete to take more or less depending on their bodies needs, body weight, sweat rate, temperature conditions, and body composition.

Keep your mind and body firing on all cylinders at all times with ElectroSalt!So how does ElectroSalt stack up against Vintage formulas that keep athletes asking WHY?

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