From carbon racing wheels and aero helmets, to hi-tech athletic footwear and performance enhancing compression clothing, technology for endurance and extreme sport athletes has evolved like crazy. And we had to ask...

"Why in the world are athletes continuing to fuel their bodies with supplements based on old-school science - and expecting better performance?"

It's like eating ice cream on a bike and thinking your going to lose weight's not going to happen. Or maybe posting a 16:59 Ironman and thinking your getting a slot to Kona. People, it's not going to happen. At Energylab we looked at all the sports supplements available to endurance athletes...and then fixed the obvious problems that have been ignored for years.

  • * Loads of sugar? Cheap ingredients like sucrose and fructose. Gone.
  • * Excessive, fat building-physique killing calories? Yep, threw those right out the window too.
  • * Heart pounding stimulants, anabolic doses, and ingredients banned by the IOC and WADA? Negative.
  • * Products and flavors that make you bloat and get sick? Gonzo.

Some will say our formulas are "non-traditional," and that's fine, because the "traditional approach" has done nothing but cause thousands of competitors to not meet their own expectations and show up to races wishing they were 10 lbs lighter and eventually end up with an IV and Silver Blanket at the finish.

At Energylab, our goal is simple - deliver cutting-edge supplements to keep athletes fueled and protected hour after hour, while providing the essentials to build lean, stealthy, warrior-like racing physiques for breakthrough performances and recovery like never before.

So who are we? We are you. We are the Average Joe, the 5K, 10K, Marathoner. We're Sprint, Olympic, Ironman and Hawaii Ironman finishers. We're Trail and Ultra runners, Off-Road Adventure junkies and yea, even the stay at home Mom'er. We've covered it, because we're collegiate swimmers, pro-mountain bikers, and endurance and extreme sport athletes everywhere in between. We are YOU!

We wanted more and we wanted the truth. There's no more guessing and no more excuses. It's why we're committed to bringing you the BEST, because we're running, swimming and biking right beside you on race day.

All the Best,

Team EnergyLab