Energylab Recovery
Energylab Recovery

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Recovery Drink for Runners & Other Athletes

At Energy Lab Nutrition, we know that consuming the right recovery drink after a workout or any endurance stint makes all the difference in the days, weeks and months up ahead. We've used the knowledge we gained through years of competitive racing, and paired it with cutting edge science to create products that work better without producing any unwanted side effects.

Taking BCAAs after a workout and before eating a meal has been shown to promote muscle growth and recovery while putting a stop to breakdown that occurs when you put your body to the test.

EL Recovery combines BCAA and glutamine together with antioxidants, electrolytes and other key ingredients to reduce soreness, supercharge re-hydration, support a healthy immune system, and naturally reduce swelling and inflammation without the use of NSAIDs.

EL Recovery contains no calories, making it an ideal sports recovery drink for weight loss. Additionally, Armor is 100 percent free from substances banned by WADA and the IOC. Whether you're an extreme endurance junky or you face a demanding workday braving the elements, if you've been struggling to recover faster while keeping the fat off your body, then look no further.

So how does EL Recovery work? Let's take a look.

First - EL Recovery is loaded with 7500mg of BCAA's, 4000mg of L-glutamine, and powerful anti-oxidants to help you rapidly repair damaged muscles and reduce oxidative stress to muscle cells.

Second - Every scoop of EL Recovery contains a precision dose of electrolytes to help you re-hydrate your body, restore your optimal hydration zone, and alleviate post-training soreness.

Third - Post-training cortisol levels can compromise your immune system. That's why EL Recovery contains key ingredients designed to help support a healthy immune system.

And Finally - Key ingredients inside EL Recovery help deliver natural anti-inflammatory support to assist in inflammation and swelling reduction. If you've come to rely on OTC NSAIDs, you're going to love the way EL Recovery makes you feel.