EL Recovery Single Serve
EL Recovery Single Serve


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Individually Wrapped Post-Running Recovery Drink Powder

At EnergyLab Nutrition, we’ve combined research and cutting edge science to create superior workout products like EL Recovery, a BCAA, antioxidant and glutamine muscle recovery supplement drink. Every single serving BCAA post-workout mix contains vital ingredients to reduce immediate inflammation, promote muscle growth and recovery, stop muscle breakdown and boost immunity.

Consuming a proper supplement mix after a workout or any endurance stint makes a big difference in how your body responds to your demands in the days, weeks and months ahead. Reduce post-workout soreness, supercharge re-hydration, support a healthy immune system, and naturally reduce swelling and inflammation.

We supply pre-, intra- and post-workout recovery supplements to gyms and individuals. Keep our single serving packets with you on the go or offer them to your clients at your facility.

Whether you're an extreme endurance junky or you face a demanding workday braving the elements, proper recovery is a vital. Without it, you fail to give your body the opportunity to reap the benefits of your work, and set yourself up for injuries or illness. EL Recovery contains no calories and is 100 percent free from substances banned by WADA and the IOC.

So how does EL Recovery work? Let's take a look.

First - Armor is loaded with 7500mg of BCAA's, 4000mg of L-glutamine, and powerful anti-oxidants to help you rapidly repair damaged muscles and reduce oxidative stress to muscle cells.

Second - Every packet of no-carb muscle recovery powder contains a precision dose of electrolytes to help you re-hydrate your body, restore your optimal hydration zone, and alleviate post-training soreness.

Third - Post-training cortisol levels can compromise your immune system. That's why EL Recovery contains key ingredients designed to help support a healthy immune system.

And Finally - Key ingredients inside EL Recovery help deliver natural anti-inflammatory support to assist in inflammation and swelling reduction. If you've come to rely on OTC NSAIDs, you're going to love the way EL Recovery makes you feel.